Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Olay Total Effects 7 in one Eye Transforming Cream

Buying this made me feel about 40 years old, but it has got to have been one of the best products I have had for my eyes. After having a bad reaction to a face product, with the delicate skin around my eyes taking the brunt of it, I felt I needed something special and less harsh for my eyes. So, off I went on a mission to find something and came out of Superdrug with the Olay Total effects 7 in one Eye Transforming cream, having spent £9.99 on it (15ml).

When I first started to use this it did sting, but I attribute that to the dryness of my skin after the reaction, and within about 3 days my eyes were back to hydrated goodness. The product is a light, hydrating, tinted cream that is placed and smoothed until absorbed around the eye. It brightens the under-eye area reducing dark circles and really revitalizes the eyes for a younger radiant looking eye.

The product is not fragranced, but does have a very slight surgical spirit smell to it, despite this it is not unpleasant. It is recommended to use both day and night and the tiny amount needed per application will ensure that this product will last a long time. 

As for the claim of line minimisation I cannot really comment on this as luckily I don’t have any age lines yet, but will you updated when I do start getting some.  

£9.99 isn’t a bad price for such a good product that will last a long time and is designed for an area of sensitive skin. I would definitely recommend this as the product does everything it claims and Olay have such a good reputation you really cannot go wrong with any of their products. 

Have you used Olay Eye Transforming Cream? 


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