Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Sleek Make Up blush: Rose Gold

Sorry this is going up a day late and it is totally all my fault, but I had stuff on, sorry! Anyhow onto this week's review of Sleek Make Up blush in Rose Gold number 926.This is my first sleek product and I have been eyeing the whole range up for a little while with this being something I really wanted. Many 'beauty guru’s’ on YouTube love the stuff and claim this is an amazing dupe for NARS Orgasm (I wouldn't know I've never seen one, let alone owned one). 

The product is a beautiful pink peach, with gold shimmer throughout, that when applied gives a beautiful sun-kissed-goddess look. The shimmer is noticeable, but not enough that this is unwearable. I think it’s perfect for nights or occasions, but I personally prefer a more matt look for during the day. The wear time is pretty good and lasts the good majority of the day however, if any water is involved the blush will come off. I have issues with my eyes watering, and it happens particularly in cold windy conditions…Wales… tears stream so quick I could be crying, but I’m not. During those moments there was definite tear marks through the blush.

The packaging is sleek and sophisticated (see what I did there), with a good amount of product (8g) and a small mirror useful for those mid-day touch-ups. I do find mine is difficult to open, but I could just have a bit of a dud one.

At £4.49 (Superdrug) it is an affordable product, and well worth the price for everyone, along with the regular 3 for 2 offers it really is a bargain! 

Have you used any of the Sleek blushes? What colours would you recommend? 

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