Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Simple, Kind to Eyes, Eye Make-up Remover

As I said in my previous eye make-up remover post I would be trying more, so I picked this up in Boots. This product looks great on the label stating; it is the UK’s number 1, uses no oil, artificial perfume or colours, still removes waterproof mascara, contains Pro-vitamin B5, a hydrator, and Vitamin E, to help prevent premature aging of the skin. 

I however am not this products biggest fan. OK so it is great on most make-up, feels gentle and is not oily so that grease film is not left on the skin after use. The claim that is removes waterproof mascara however is not true. The effort required to remove waterproof mascara using this product is a lot! It feels like you are rubbing and rubbing at your eyes and the product does very little to breakdown the mascara and then you are always left with not all of it gone. 

This is a great product if there are no waterproof products and the oily feeling is a deal breaker, but I do think there are better products on the market particularly for waterproof make-up which is all I look for in an eye make-up remover.

At £3.25 it is a nice cheap product, but with some downfalls. Have you tried the Simple Kind to eyes eye make-up remover? What did you think of it? 

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