Tuesday, 4 March 2014

M.A.C. Lady Danger

From heading to the MAC website for one product, I found out if I just spent a little more I would get free shipping! (Very clever MAC!) So this little beauty just dropped into my basket!

Lady Danger is a matte finish, vivid bright coral–red colour that is more red than coral to my eyes, but still a gorgeous colour! It is a perfect spring/summer colour and I cannot wait for the warmer weather to really wear this lipstick to the max. It is very slightly drying on the lips after a little while, but personally I believe that is just something you get used to and part of the deal with matte lipsticks. It lasts a good length on the lips too, even up to 6 hours and it still looks good! It is packaged in the signature bullet MAC packaging so in nice and slim and sleek!

This is easily one of my favourite colours at the moment as I love the red-orange, coral look, but I know it isn’t one that suits everyone. This was £15 from the online store (but I did get free shipping!) and if I ever use it all up I’m sure to get a new one!

Have you tried lady danger? What’s your favourite lipstick? 


  1. Hey Emma, been following your blog for a while now, really enjoy it. Am currently looking for a good lipstick for a 21st present - any advice? Bright would be best.

  2. Such a lovely post dear:))
    Your blog is very inspirational:)
    Would you mind checking out mine,and follow if you like?

  3. Oh my god, this is fab! Super pigmented - adding this to the list of things to purchase. haha.

    XO, G from grace'd


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