Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Review | Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover

So it has been a little while since my previous eye make-up remover post, but today is the day they return! I picked up the boots Botanics the power of plants soothing eye make-up remover a couple of months ago and have been super impressed from the first use!  It was a steal at £3.99 (often on offer at £2.99) compared to many other eye make-up removers that sit around the £8 mark. It claims that the clear oil phase effectively sweeps away impurities and make-up including waterproof formulations and the aqueous phase is given its colour by hibiscus, and helps to sooth the eye area and condition lashes. And boy they aren't wrong! 

The product is one that needs to be mixed by a quick shake and then applied onto a cotton pad. It removes make-up extremely well with each eye taking no more than 5-6 swipes to remove every last bit. I find to help it along that rubbing the cotton pad over the eye lashes (but not the whole eye) really helps to pick up every last bit of make-up especially waterproof formulas. 

Once the make-up is removed the eye does feel soothed and I have noticed that my eye lashes are healthier and even growing longer!

I would not hesitate to re-purchase this is the future as I have also found that a 150ml bottle lasts a considerable length longer than most other products I have tried! This could be down to the amount you need to get the job done is tiny. I picked mine up from Boots which can be found here.

Have you tried anything from the Botanics range? What are your thoughts?    

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