Friday, 13 February 2015

Benefit They’re Real Mascara | Review

I finally caved and jumped on the band wagon (2 years late) and picked up this mascara about a month ago to see what the hype has been all abut and have been using it since. I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings with you; first off OMyyyyyGEEE £19.50!!!! 19.5 of my hardest earned pounds is the most I have and probably will ever spend on mascara! despite that and trying to not dwell on how much it cost me or allowing it to influence my opinion on the product too much here are my views!  
First off Benefits they’re real mascara has been the UK’s number 1 selling mascara for the past 2 years so has lots to live up to! 

I find when I first apply this to may lashes they look great, lovely and long, dramatic and they really frame my eyes and add lots to my finished makeup look! - Sounds great you say hold on just a little - give it an hour or so and my lashes just look flat and nothing like they did directly post application, it’s as if the product is weighing them down.

No Mascara
One Coat Mascara

2 Coats Mascara

They’re real mascara is water-resistant, not waterproof and as you all know this is a big deal for me and my watery eye issues, so I have found on occasions - particularly those that have involved moistness (excuse the use of that word) of the eyes, that the product budges pretty easily leaving black debris and smudging all around my eyes, and should I ever cry it comes off completely leaving a beautiful panda eyed Emma!! 

My final gripe with this mascara is that I do not find it volumising at all and I personally love the look of big volumous lashes so much more over length! 

Overall I have not been impressed with the they’re real mascara but can more than see why some people love it! I’m sure that if you don't have watery eyes and love that long lash look over the volume look you would be blown away by this mascara! I however probably won’t be repurchasing this product but do look forward to trying the new roller lash mascara!  

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