Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Autograph Nail Polish | Glacier | Review

I was lucky enough to receive a box of small Autograph nail polishes for Christmas, I think there were 20 different colours, that are all available year round in full size, and as I wear them I thought I would quickly drop my thoughts down on here.

First up is Glacier (available HERE) , this is an 'all in one' nail polish with argon oil and vitamin E, and I must say it is a beautiful colour. I was a little unsure of it in the bottle however once I had it on my nails and dry I fell in love. I love the iridescence to it. In some lights it is a beautiful silver but then in others it looks a shimmery purple and I love this changing holographic colour as it really gives a different more exciting dimension to the polish.

Application was easy as the bush although does sometimes pick up excess product is easy to use and big enough to make it a quick job. 2 coats of this polish was enough and it dried super quick, a must in my opinion.

The lasting power was not too bad, some chips started to appear on about day 3 and I took it off probably on day 6 having deemed it to be looking too bad by that point. Overall I really enjoyed this colour and the formula of the nail polish and am looking forward to wearing it again.

Have you tried any of the Autograph nail polishes? What is your opinion and which is your favourite colour?

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Much Love


Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Back To Blogging | Down to Business

How are we into February already! 

I have been a little absent over here on my blog for the past couple of months and now all of my exams are over I am ready to dive straight back in! This post is going to be the business admin post that probably should have come at the start of January but we are getting down to business now. So let’s get into this;

The Blog:
So this is my beautiful sexy space on the internet is one of my favourite places to just unwind and chill out so here is what you can expect to see. A new post on this blog every week! (I know how generous!) I want to continue to do lots of new product reviews, fashion looks, food reviews and even some home d├ęcor posts. I want to really focus on the quality of my photos this year trying new setups and locations, (maybe even some public locations!). Let me know what you would like to read about and I will see what I can do!

I have already posted a video explaining what you can expect over on that channel so head over there to find out more but a quick summary is:
1.     Video every Monday at 8pm  
2.     Giveaway every quarter
3.     Better Camera quality

Other Social Media:
If you aren’t already following my twitter and Instagram (why not) you should head over and do that as I have given myself some tasks to become a little more active over on these sites and it is the first place that I will post to announce a new post or video. You can also follow my Snapchat (emmaconnor92)! 

So I hope you are excited for the coming months and the plentiful number of posts. Make sure you are following this blog over on bloglovin’ and looking forward to the next post.

Much Love  

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