Thursday, 23 June 2016

Hello & Welcome to Emma Jayne | Video | Emma Jayne

Wednesday marked the re-launch of my YouTube channel with a rename, new schedule and a more mature feel to the site. I didn't want any of my blog readers to miss out on my content over there so here is that video introducing my new style! 

If you think you may enjoy my videos do head over and subscribe (By clicking HERE) to keep up to date! My new video schedule is: 

Wednesday 8pm: Main Video 
Occasional Sunday 8pm: Vlogs

Make sure you are subscribed or following this blog via friend connect or bloglovin’ (It doesn’t matter which!), also head over to my twitter and Instagram for even more content from me! Don't forget you can also head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe. 

Lots of love

Emma Jayne

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  1. Hello Emma Jayne, I have entered your Youtube Back To School Giveaway as a subscriber but you also said that we can do a BONUS entry via your Bloglovin' account. I am following you on your bloglovin' account and I am leaving a comment saying that this is my BONUS entry. If possible please could you follow my bloglovin' account: Twin Online Staying Online (it will come up) and could you follow my blogger account and leave a comment so that I know that you have seen it. In addition to this, please could you tell your family and friends about both of my blogs as I need some publicity. Thank you Emma, this is my BONUS entry via bloglovin'. XX


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