Monday, 6 February 2017

Hello 2017! Hello Emma Jayne

Well hello my lovely blog readers!! It has been a little while! How are you? Did you have a good Christmas/new year break? I have been one busy lady recently which is the reason for the lack of posts- I'll explain a little more in a bit! Today I thought I would get back on the blogging wagon and do a little new year post.

Firstly onto my absence! As many of you know I have been doing a MSc over the last 18 months and my final dissertation was due at the start of December resulting in a very manic and stressful few months trying to juggle a new full time job (in an exciting role at a big media agency!!!!) work towards my dissertation as well as social events and relaxation to keep my mental state stable. As I’m sure you can expect a few things slipped at this time including this blog, my YouTube channel as well as my fitness and my skin! This is all finished now and after a few weeks recuperating and relaxing Christmas was upon us. I spent the Christmas and new year period in Dubai with Jack’s (my boyfriend) family – post on some things we did coming soon! Then after a few weeks back at work I was off on holiday again (I know lucky me) this time however I was skiing with my family in Val D’isere and that brings us all up to date on my busy few months.

Lets now have a little look back at 2016;

2016 for me was a good year, I continued with (and finished) my masters, got good grades and handed in a 20,000 word (and the rest) dissertation. I managed to get a full time job in a media agency and left the bar job that I really did not enjoy. I also moved out of shared accommodation into a lovely one bed flat with Jack. 

My goals for 2017;

2017 has already gotten off to a pretty good start with a great holiday already been on! There are however a couple of goals that I would like to achieve before the year is out:     

  • Get a permanent job – mine is currently only a year long contract
  • Lose a stone (I’m not an unhealthy weight currently, I just put a little on over the end of my dissertation (stress eating) and Christmas (it was Christmas) and would like to get back to the weight that I felt really confident at.
  • Get back to blogging (this is the start of that).
These are very broad goals and I completely understand that they are mostly not particularly related to blogging, but I think they are realistic to the everyday person (like me) who may be reading this.

Oh and by the way do you like my new domain!!! I'm so excited to finally have my own domain name I LOVE it!!

So there it is my first post back a simple look back at last year as well as a little look forward and evaluation of my goals for the coming year. What are your goals for 2017? – leave me a comment letting me know! 

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Until next time

Emma Jayne


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