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Makeup Revolution 3rd Birthday Party | Emma Jayne

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to attend Makeup Revolutions 3rd birthday Party which was held at One Embankment London. I wanted to just give you all a little low down of my thoughts on the event and a little sneak peak at some of the new products that will be making their way into Boots and Superdrug soon from the company behind Makeup Revolution - Tam Beauty.

First off the venue was lovely, I had never been to One Embankment before, but it is on the river - round the back of somerset house, they had even set out a little red carpet which really added an extra bit of class to the event. It was super organised with people checking names as you arrived, others taking coats and bags as well as someone giving out goodie bag tokens so you got into the venue super quick.

As I arrived into the main hall there were a number of acrylic boxes showcasing a number of new releases from each of the Tam Beauty (Makeup revolutions parent brand) brands, and I can honestly say I am super excited for a lot of these products - in particular the Revolution and Freedom products. Some of the Tam Beauty brands aren’t up my street in terms of packaging, but both these brands products look amazing – and if it’s all as good as the usual quality I can tell they are going to be amazing – and fly off the shelves as soon as they are relaesed.

As always with events like this there were a number of hospitality staff handing out drinks (some super yummy raspberry cocktails, mojitos, Prosecco or a non-alcoholic elderflower mocktail) as well as others with food – the mini sausage rolls were the best I have ever tasted (a little bit more would have been good though as I had to go straight from work to the event with no time for dinner). After a bit of mingling and a steady stream of people coming into the event it was starting to really feel full. It was at this point that the party really started!

Adam Minto started off with a speech to say thank you to all the bloggers, brands, and shareholders of tam beauty as without them the brand would not be where it is today. It was at this point that there was a short video played showing off the new releases coming to makeup revolution. After this there was an exciting announcement introducing the new makeup revolution YouTube team including Sophiedoesnails, Carmi, and Makeupbytammi, I am so excited to see how this team will help Makeup Revolution in the coming months. After all these announcements there was a probably the best entertainment there could have been with a troupe of dancers doing a great routine with so much to it – it was great fun!

Now is probably a great time to show you what I wore: 

Top: ASOS 
Trousers: Boohoo
Shoes: New Look 
Bag: New Look

Once all the speeches and dance show was over the party ramped up a bit with lots of dancing – and some people were doing lots of drinking too! It was at this moment we went and played with the gif machine and some of them came out great.

I headed off home at about 11.30 – as I am a working woman that had to be up in the morning, however it seemed like a lot of other people had also done the same. Once I picked up my coat and bag I was able to exchange my token for a goodie bag and headed off. When I got home I checked out the goodie bag and it didn’t disappoint! I am excited to try some of the products, but also put some aside for a giveaway soon (I already have so much makeup and know there are lots of people who would love the products) - so keep an eye out here for that! Overall this was easily the best Makeup revolution party I have been to (this was my 3rd) and it has really made me excited about what is coming from the brand soon! 

Let me know in the comments what you are looking forward to from Tam Beauty and Makeup Revolution? What is your favourite beauty product and what do you hope they will release?

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Until next time

Emma Jayne



  1. lovely pictures and very nice post!:)
    thx for sharing


  2. Oh my goodness, those photo booth GIF's are TOO stinkin cute. xoxo

  3. That looks like a great event and the pictures are beautiful !

  4. Looks like these products are good quality, never used them before, maybe I should try them.

  5. Great brands, cool pics and the moving GIF's really creative.

  6. It looks like you had an amazing time and got some amazing products out of it!

  7. Love your gifs - so fun! Looks like a great event and the products look interesting as well!

  8. Oh the venue looks amazing and sounds like you had a great time out there! :) I love RVLTN products :-)

  9. Amazing post thanks for sharing! :)

  10. Looks like a great time! I think the display case was a pretty great way of displaying the line. It's like a case for fine jewelry...only in this case makeup!

  11. You look amazing and the products are so diverse! ENjoyed the gif images XD

  12. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Love the palettes and the gifs are too cute

  13. Wow this event looks like it was a lot of fun. Makeup Revolution is a great brand and great quality. Thanks for sharing this experience with us :-)

  14. I really like revolution products. Good quality and affordable. Looks like you had a great time! Ree love30

  15. That looks like a nice party! I love Makeup Revolution, at the moment I'm not able to put down their Fortune Favors the Brave palette or the Banana powder. :)

  16. Make up everywhere! I have not tried makeup revolution. I would love to try some.


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