Monday, 3 April 2017

Anna Sui Star Lipstick Review | Emma Jayne

OMG….. A Star Shaped Lipstick! I Know! It’s Beautiful! I was given this by Jack on Valentines day (isn't he a good one!) and have been wanting to post this for ages. I had never heard of the brand before, but am really excited to learn more about the products as everything on the website looks amazing! 

Firstly the packaging is so beautiful, it feels ornate, as well as looks beautiful on a vanity, but, isn’t heavy or cheap feeling. Now onto the product itself. I have colour 02 Rose Cocoa and this is a lovely light plum colour, its not opaque, but is a sheer wash of colour all over the lips. I like how its not an ‘in your face’ colour and is subtle and suitable for everyday. Applying it on the lips it is soft, moisturising and as it is a light colour it doesn’t have to be too precise - as because it is star shaped it is a little tricky to be super precise and as i'm pretty sure the shape does go the whole way down the bullet I have a feeling this isn’t going to improve (but it will stay in a star the whole time!)

Lip colour in natural light
Lip colour on me

Overall I really like this lipstick as it has a gorgeous look and feel about it as well as being a colour that is wearable everyday. It makes a really great gift as it is that little bit different and the colour range on the website looks really great. It retails on ASOS for £23 so is a little pricier than some, but for a more premium brand and a very different product I would say it is worth it, particularly as a gift. 

Have you tried any Anna Sui cosmetics? Let me know your thoughts on them as well as this lipstick. 

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Emma Jayne




  1. Oh I love the shape of that lipstick! So unique :-) that shade looks great on you :-)

  2. I never heard of this brand to be honest. I like the packaging, it's very attractive. The color looks great on your lips too!

  3. The packaging is so pretty and the shade looks wonderful on you!

  4. That package and shape are super cute! And the shade of this one really looks good on you. :)

  5. Oh wow.i love the star shape and the packaging! Looks gorgeous. Ree love30

  6. Ohhh.. what a lipstick! I have never seen a star-shaped lipstick :)


  7. Never tried this. Loos so lovely. :)

  8. I looooove that packaging!!! And the color is great too! Was is comfortable/easy to apply with the shape?

  9. Wow, never seen this kind of lipstick design! Looks very unique and the colour looks very natural pink. I like it!

  10. I've been wanting to get this Anna Sui lipstick for the longest time... only for the star design :)

  11. Never heard of this brand but love the packaging and color!!

  12. The lipstick does look like it's a pretty color, but I don't understand why they would make it a star shape. I think you are right in that it would be tricky to apply.

    1. Yes true.. actually now that you say that. The star shape is something new for me as well.

  13. OMG. This lipstick is such a stunner. Never seen something like this before. �� The color is super gorgeous.

  14. I love that color on your lips. I have tried Anna Sui's Lipstick V from b-glowing and really like it. It's so hard to use it the first time knowing you're going to mess up the design though!


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