Monday, 8 May 2017

Free From Fizz Smoothie Kit Review | Emma Jayne

I received the revolution Free From Fizz Smoothie Kit from the Revolution 3rd birthday party goody bag, and I’ll be honest I was a little sceptical! I have a sensitive scalp and already use a pretty premium frizz reducing shampoo and conditioner.  I used this for the first time after I had been swimming so my hair was in bad shape!

The Kit

The first thing I noticed in the shower is the amazing smell! It was like an orange explosion had happened in my shower and it was delightful! Now starting with the shampoo it a) smelled amazing b) lathered nicely and c) left my hair feeling clean. The conditioner was so nice, I felt I did need a little more than I would usually use but it also a) smelt amazing and b) left my hair feeling super smooth!

The kit also came with a serum and this was probably my favourite item in the kit. After I towelled dried my hair I used 3/4 pumps of serum between my hands and distributed it evenly through my hair. This is what I believe was the magic formula! It left my hair not feeling weighed down or greasy and once my hair was fully dried (air dried) it was so sleek smooth and light!

My hair is naturally pretty curly and wavy so I will always choose to straighten it over leaving it natural – particularly on the weekend, so I straightened my hair as normal and the results were great! I can not stop touching my hair!! It is so light, so soft and I can honestly see a difference and reduction in the levels of frizz that I would usually see.

Excuse the few kinks from having my hair up all day!  

The final product in the kit is a Smooth spray and although I didn’t use that on the main trial I have used it aside from this and it does help tame my unruly hair. It did however make my hair feel slightly greasy so this wasn’t my favourite product in the kit.

Overall I was really impressed by this kit and would repurchase the full size options! The kit retails for £4.99 (60ml shampoo and conditioner and 10ml serum and spray) and can be purchased from the TAM Beauty site.

All the products

Have you tried the Free From Fizz Smoothie Kit? What are your thoughts on it? How do you tame your frizzy hair?

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  2. What a wonderful review! This is a new brand for me, but it sounds super interesting :-) thank you for sharing!

  3. Your hair looks straight beautifully with those product. It looks great product and even i never heard this brand before. Great review dear.

  4. I really need to try these products!

  5. I love the sound of the serum especially. Will be looking out for this as I think it will benefit my hair

  6. I have a major frizz problem but have not tried out this product! Having crazy curls and trying to keep them tame feels like a full-time job. Great review.


  7. I love how in-depth this review was, and I like that you used photographs to back up your point. I've always had semi-frizzy hair, but I've never used products specifically aimed towards it. This review really makes me want to give this version a try!

  8. I love hair care products. I am very very careful with what I use on my hair/scalp because I am possessive of my hair and with your positive review, i'd love to try these products.

  9. oooo, this looks like my cup of tea! Love citrus and I love hair care. LOL.


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