Friday, 3 November 2017

Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming Review | Blogvember Day 3 | Fragrance Friday | Emma Jayne

Happy Friday everyone! Throughout this month of blogging I thought it would be fun to theme certain days so Friday is one of those days – and as I like alliteration we are going for fragrance Friday so I will be having a fragrance/perfume related post going up every Friday this month. With todays starting with my new; love Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming. 

Jack picked this up for me from LAX duty free as a little treat for me on his way back from a work trip in the states, I asked him to surprise me and the boy did good! He picked out a scent that was so up my street in an equally cute bottle. 

Firstly lets have a look at how Miss Dior Absoloutely Blooming is described by Dior: 

‘Lively and colourful, Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming is an irresistible, endlessly indulgent floral treat. Delicious notes of sour red berries are embroidered over an accord of fresh peonies. Exalted by a sublime duo of Grasse and Damascus roses, this infinite blooming of fresh flowers is strengthened by a white musk base. A positive, smiling harmony for a mischievous, compelling Miss Dior.’

In my opinion that is exactly right, I get a lovely sweet base tone and then the floral notes hit me and it really is a treat to the nose. On my skin I find the berry notes tend to come out more than the floral tones, but this suits me a lot more. 

I find it lasts all day and every time I wear it I get complements making me feel fresh and fierce all day. I love wearing this perfume to work as it gives me a confidence boost due to its longevity and it’s sophisticated scent that’s not too sexy. 

In the UK this perfume retails for between £52 and £104 (£52 – 30ml, £71.50 – 50ml, £104 – 100ml) which is a bit of an investment, but this perfume is a joy to wear and I reach for it so often.

Let me know in the comments your favourite fragrances of the moment, and what perfumes you have your eyes on.

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Until tomorrow!

Emma Jayne



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