Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Outfit | Evenings Out In Dubai

This is a little outfit that I fell in love with when I purchased it! Everything is from New Look and I love how it is simple yet still elegant. My favourite part is the shoes as I love the 2 little strap look!

I wore this outfit on a couple of occasions while on holiday in Dubai and felt great in it. 

The top is a light chiffon material so I needed to wear a bandeau underneath. The gem detailing always caught the light and just gave the outfit enough bling without going overboard. On this night I had BarryM Greenberry Nail polish on my nails and also wore some simple dangle earrings from Boots and my Pandora bracelet.
Here are some photos of it:

A special Thanks to Jack for taking these photos for me! :) 

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Review | Charles Worthington: Salon at Home Shampoo, Conditioner & Masque

I was in desperate need of some new shampoo and conditioner and was devastated to find that boots had run out of my favourite TRESemme Keratin Smooth shampoo and conditioner so I was on the hunt for something new! The Charles Worthington range jumped out at me for the fact it was on 3 for £12 so I buckled under the pressure and picked up the Moisture Seal Shampoo and conditioner as well as the Strength and Repair Longer and Stronger Hair Masque, I would have picked a matching range but unfortunately boots yet again failed me and didn’t have a full rang. Here are my thoughts on each.

Moisture Seal Shampoo and Conditioner

This was the sub-brand that really stood out to me it looked summery and with a heat protecting conditioning complex and being enriched with argan oil I was super excited to try these. The bottels say that they give luscious moisturisation, intense nourishment and manageability improvement.

First off I hate this packaging, OK it looks swish and modern, but it is difficult to get the desired amount of product out without some serious force! However if the product is great bad packaging is easily ignored, I just am not feeling that both the shampoo and conditioner are anything special. The shampoo doesn’t lather much (which does tend to indicate that there is likely to be fewer, nasty chemicals in it) this does take some getting used to, but it also means I tend to use more product than I normally would to achieve the ‘clean’ feeling. 
The scent isn’t anything to write home about either, although light and pleasant it is not a smell that inspires you or lingers on the hair making you feel gorgeous all day. As for the conditioner it does very little conditioning and I need a considerable amount of product to achieve any form of conditioned, soft, light feeling. So overall both products do keep my hair clean and as always I will be finishing them but will not repurchase this particular brand from Charles Worthington. The Shampoo and Conditioner retails for £5.99 (250ml) each.

Strength and Repair Longer and Stronger Hair Masque

The concept of this masque stood out which is why I picked it, I really want long healthy hair and the promise of ‘enhanced strength of damaged hair and increased resistance to damaged hair’ really appealed to help my hair grow beautifully.

Over all this is a completely different story from the mini review above as I love this packaging! The easy flip lid makes applying in the shower so easy as there is no faffing with screw caps and getting water in the product. The masque is thicker than others I have tried, but I did like that as it felt like it all stayed put in my hair while letting it work it’s magic. Once washing it off my hair does feel silky smooth, looked after and light which is a nice pampering feeling. However due to the inadequacies of the Conditioner mentioned above I have been using this every time I was my hair (2-3 times a week) which does mean it runs out pretty quickly. The smell of the masque is slightly nicer though still not super exciting , but it does linger slightly longer than the others and just gives off a bit of a ‘clean’ scent. I do feel that my hair has been stronger with fewer breakages since using this product.

The Hair Masque retails for £5.99 (160ml) and I would be willing to pay that price for how it has worked. I would repurchase this masque and I would like to try more from the Longer and Stronger line to see if that range works better for my hair type.

I hope these mini (or not so mini) reviews have been helpful!

Have you tried any of the Charles Worthington products? What are your views on them and which is your favourite line?

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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Review | Urban Decay Naked 3 Pallet

This is only my second ever eye-shadow pallet and 2nd from urban decay, but I really wanted to try this long awaited pallet (that came out December 2013, I’m the one behind on the times) that beauty bloggers have been going wild over and after finally saving up the £37 for it in July I have been using it since.

This pallet has a distinct rose gold feel about it, With the packaging being a really nice rose gold coloured tin (I have however managed to break mine already), a large mirror, a really nice double ended eye-shadow brush and most importantly 12, 1.3g eye shadows that are all perfectly wearable, and as always from urban decay it is all ahhhhh-mazing quality! All the shades have pinkish undertones which concerned me a bit when I first started using it, but I have quickly become used to working with the colours and have fallen in love with so many of them! There are only 3 truly matt shades and one matt with glitter sparkles in it which coule be a downside to this pallet but not a big issue for me.

The colours L –R are:
  • Strange: Pale neutral pink matte-satin
  • Dust: Pale metallic pink shimmer with iridescent micro-glitter
  • Burnout: Light pinky-peach satin
  • Limit: Light dusty rose matte
  • Buzz: Metallic rose shimmer with silver micro-glitter
  • Trick: Light metallic pinky-copper shimmer with tonal micro-sparkle
  • Nooner: Medium pinky-brown matte
  • Liar: Medium metallic mauve shimmer
  • Factory: Pinky-brown satin
  • Mugshot: Metallic taupe shimmer with slight pink shift
  • Darkside: Deep taupe-mauve satin
  • Darkheart: Smoky black matte with rosy red micro-sparkle

My favourite colours are Trick, Liar, Factory and Mugshot which all work amazingly well together for a dark-ish smoky look. I also love the beautiful highlight colour Strange which looks perfect on the inner corner of the eye and to highlight the brow bone.

L-R Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside, Blackheart.
Swatched in natural light
Overall I think this is a great pallet and well worth the £37 (considering 12 single UD eye-shadows would come to lots more). The colours all complement each other and many skin-tones. The shadows are buttery, easily applied, very well pigmented and last a long time on the lid without creasing. I however would not really call it a truly neutrals pallet because of the distinct pink undertone of all the shadows which could be slightly daunting for those new to make-up.

I would always recommend Urban Decay products as I love the quality of them and this pallet is no different.

Have you used the UD Naked 3 Pallet? What are your favourite colour combinations and thoughts on it? 

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