Monday 29 May 2017

Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin | Harrington

As the sun finally starts coming out and we start seeing warmer days (this week its been hitting 29 degrees!) it’s time to get yourselves to the pub or out in the garden with a drink in hand enjoying those rays of vitamin D. If you know me you know that I’m not a particularly big drinker as in I don’t enjoy going out and getting smashed every weekend and I certainly don’t enjoy the hangover that come with that. So you could say I’m much more of a light casual drinker having a drink every now and then, and with that I therefore like to enjoy my drink a lot more.

Usually in the summer my go to alcoholic drinks are either Malibu or Cider as they have a very distinct taste that I love. This year however I had tasted a sample of a different brand rhubarb gin and couldn't get the delicious taste of it out of my head. As I couldn’t remember the name of that brand I scoured the internet and started to sew photos of the Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin online. This then led me to ask for it at every occasion in bars (not very many stock it), then realising I love the the taste, and that it's not stocked in many supermarkets. I however planned to buy it online until I saw it in Waitrose this week and stocked up immediately.

Ultimately this gin is not your average gin, it tastes sweet, fresh and summery. I love mixing it with lemonade – as I don’t like tonic, and popping a sliced strawberry in to really increase the freshness. On the bottle it gives a little history about the products saying the rhubarb that is used is the same rhubarb that Queen Victoria grew in the Buckingham Palace gardens, which is now grown on a Crown estate. They suggest you drink it neat, with tonic or even ginger ale. I’m sure this gin could also be incorporated into some gorgeous cocktails too.

A 70cl 40%vol bottle costs between £30-£34 (I got mine from Waitrose for £30). Warner Edwards also have a range of other gins that might tickle your fancy including their Dry Gin, Sloe Gin, a new limited edition Melissa Lemon Balm Gin and even an Elderflower Gin!

Have you tried the Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin? What would you mix it with? What are your favourite summer cocktails?

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Until next time

Emma Jayne



*Please drink responsibly and you must be of legal drinking age in your country of residence.



  1. Ooo this looks awesome!! When summer comes back around for me (December) I'll be totally looking into drinking this! (Bookmarked)
    Thanks for the idea xx

  2. That drink of yours looks absolutely delicious and super fresh and summery. I love rhubarb pies and I'm sure I'd enjoy this one too. :) I must check if that's available here in Finland!

  3. Oh that sounds tasty! I need to try this out over the summer :-) thank yo for sharing!

  4. Love the colour...Never tasted it though

  5. Looks like a delicious drink. Gorgeous colour of it

  6. I'm so tempted to taste this drink. Sounds very interesting. :)

  7. Oh, Rhubarb Gin, never drink it from Warner Edwards or other company, but I heard is very good for health. In summertime my favorite drink is lemon juice with mint, I usually avoid alcoholic beverages.

  8. This drink seems right for summer. I am pregnant and I will breastfeed, but after that, I will keep this in mind!


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