Thursday, 8 January 2015

Video | The Best of 2014: Beauty, Skincare, Life ♥Collab♥

This months collab video was a huge favourites video from all our favourite things through 2014 being beauty, skincare, fashion and even simple life favourites! Here is the video if you are interested in checking it out! Don't forget to subscribe to my channel to keep up to date with all my uploads! 

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Love Emma

Monday, 5 January 2015

New Year New Me??


So this post was a little tricky for me as I'm not someone who is a big 'resolution' maker and I don't want to create a whole new persona overnight simply because of a passage of time from one year into the next, I believe you should make the changes you need in life when you need them and not wait or be motivated by resolutions or expectations from others to have these resolutions during the new year period. 
I like to make changes for intrinsic reasons to better myself on the inside and to re-direct my energy into completing goals. Having said all this the new year is as good a time as any to think about your goals and wishes in life which is exactly what I have been doing and I wanted to share my goals, which I have recently been re-evaluating, with you and would love to hear about yours. 

I have split this into different sections to make it a little easier so let's just chat about my goals!

My goals for:

My blog;
So this beautiful little space on the Internet is mine and I have really been neglecting it for so many reasons that have ultimate just been silly excuses and that is something I am aiming to stop from now on! I want to be a consistent presence on here with regular posts and engaging material that is not the same tired boring things that I have been doing for so long now. I want to do more fashion and lifestyle based post and possibly even some fitness and health based ones (as I do have a degree in it)! I want to get out my comfort zone, try LOADS of new products and not be afraid to just blog it! I'm not going to promise to upload a certain amount of posts each week on a set day but I do promise to upload at least once a week on average (some weeks more some weeks less). Another aim for my blog is to have a little re-design and make it look sexy, cool and a fun place to hang out! So if any of you know any good blog designers let me know as I'm in the market for something fun! 

My YouTube Channel;
So this is another little space on the Internet that is mine and I love it so much and have so many ideas that are exciting to help move my channel on a little bit! I want to commit to posting 2 videos a week and have been playing with the ideas of Monday and Thursday and would love to hear your opinions on upload times and days! I fear that my original days of Wednesday and Friday were meaning my videos were getting lost in the mass uploads that happen on those days! Another aim for my channel is that I would like to reach 1500 subscribers on my channel by the end of the year this may be slightly optimistic but I think it is achievable and with this come the next aim to interact more with my followers I have set myself a small target of tweeting once every two days and posting a photo on Instagram once a week (I currently do much less than that so this is a start!) I want to improve the quality of my videos and to do this there are a few items I would like to save up  for during this year: 
  •     laptop
  •     studio lights

I also want to start vlogging more and become confident at going out in public proud of what I do and not self-conscious I would like to start vlogging at least once a month with the look to start a vlogging channel at some point within the year if it is working out! Overall from my YouTube channel you can expect to see plenty of outfit videos, lookbooks, make-up reviews, hauls, and finally a few more giveaways to give back to my wonderful subscribers that support my channel so much! 

My Health and Fitness;
My health and fitness journey started really about 6 months ago when I finished university and have up until now lost 20lbs which was incredible and I was so motivated during this time but I have now plateaued in my weight loss to a very healthy number that I would not want to stray too much from, however I do want to increase my fitness and tone up a couple of areas in the gym but I have been experiencing a lack of motivation. I want to get back motivated and have therefore set myself a target of being able to run 5k non-stop by March, as a newish runner that does have injuries I felt this target would be achievable but still allow adequate rest time for my overuse prone joints. My second gym goal is to tone up my abs ready for holidays in the spring and summer so along with my running training I have devised a little ab routine to help get them back into shape! If you would like me to document my fitness let me know and I would love to!  

My Life;
So this section is a broad one covering things like my job, living arrangements and even holiday destinations. First off the job, I really really would love to get some work experience within marketing this year and get onto a graduate marketing scheme, to do this I think I will need to go part-time at my current employment so that I can put more time into applications and gaining experience, but not fully loose my income. 

Now the living arrangements, I have been living with my parents since moving back from university and although I have loved being looked after again I think it's nearly time to start gaining a bit more independence again, by the end of the year I would love to be living in a flat with my man just enjoying life. So now onto the fun bit! Holiday destinations! There are so many places I would like to go so if anyone is handing out round the world tickets sign me up for a free one! The top of my list is currently Japan but I don't think I will be heading there this year. I have already a planned trip skiing to La Plagne in March and will no doubt be heading to Dubai again to visit the boyfriends parents but while in the area would love to head to Oman. I would also love to start planning an interrailing trip at somepoint soon. I have really been getting the travelling bug recently from looking at places on Pinterest and have decided that I would like to go somewhere new every quarter this year be that a already planned holiday or just a weekend minibreak or trip I think it will help me see so much more of the world! 

Overall I am extremely excited for what 2015 will bring and even more excited for what I will bring to 2015 with hard work and determination, I can not wait to share it all with you! I would love to hear your plans and aspirations for this coming year and hope this post has motivated you in anyway that you can do whatever you set yourself for no matter when during the year you are reading this! What are your goals for the next year?  

Remember that I love you all and thank you so much for reading this post and supporting my blog!  

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Love Emma
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