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My London Fashion Week Experience | Emma Jayne

For those who don’t know last week was London fashion week (LFW) and over the first weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to a couple of events, no shows this time but some makeup events all the same. I was so excited for this and in the week leading up to it had arranged to meet up with some of my blogger friends to go to the events together. So I thought I would share with you my London Fashion Week Experience.

Must Needed Morning Coffee From Notes

So Saturday came and I met up in the gorgeous coffee shop Notes with Farheen and Sammi. While we were waking up with a much needed coffee – the coffee in notes is my favourite, some of our other friends told us they they were heading to an event at The W Hotel so we agreed to head over and meet them there.

When we got there, there was a gorgeous room set up with complimentary hair styling and nail painting by WAH LondonNail, so naturally we all treated ourselves to fresh hair and nails. The hair styling was done by Dryby and there was a little booklet to chose a style from, there was really something for everyone. I was torn between 2, but decided to go for ‘The Rome’ and I LOVED it, I don’t think my hair has ever been this big and I honestly want it like this every day! It even lasted really well during the rest of the day. I will certainly go to Dryby the next time I need my hair doing.

The W London

The W London Interior

What was on offer at The W London #WFinishingTouches event
Shivon Getting her hair done by the BryBy team. 

The Rome Style I Chose
Loved How My Hair Came Out

Nails By WAH Nails.

While waiting for some of the other girls to be finished with their pampering treats Ellen treated me to a little photo shoot with her amazing camera and the photos came out gorgeous I just had to share! I honestly felt so glamorous and loved every moment of it!

Now is a great time to show you my full OOTD:

Cardigan: Pull and Bear (Similar)
Shoes: Jones (Similar)

After we were all done at The W we headed out to one of the main events we had been invited to, a Makeup Plus event at The Lights Of Soho. I don’t know what I was expecting here, but it certainly wasn’t what we got. We arrived and informed the woman on the registration desk that we had invites from our network and she was so rude and barked at us that to now be allowed in we had to download a specific app, and then to receive the goodie bag we had to post a selfie on Instagram with the exact hashtags.  Now all of us have been to events before and we were invited by our relatively well know network and none of us had ever been forced to do anything like this for a brand and we were really shocked at the treatment. Lights of Soho is a really gorgeous venue and as we were now there we felt we should go in so downloaded the app (We all then promptly proceeded to delete it) and headed in. They were also doing hair, nails and makeup here however it really didn’t have the same feel as The W. It wasn’t welcoming in any way and we only stayed for a short time. We ended up taking a couple of photos #ForTheGram with the pretty venue and headed out. We did all post a photo (and then delete it) to be allowed to pick up the goodie bag, which was full of water and a few snacks.

The Lights Of Soho venue was gorgeous with so much to look at

All the LFW shoes
Now the group split up. Farheen is a member of the #MaybellineSquad and she had been invited to a Maybelline event in the main LFW complex and I was going as her plus one (Thanks Farheen). So we headed over and after a little confusion from the reception got into the main arena. There were so many brands showcasing beautiful fashion. I loved all the shoes! At the Maybelline event Molly, the PR lady took us through, with the help of Roxy from Roxxsaurus and Leyla from Makeupbyleyla, some of Maybelline’s most recent releases. This was really interesting and I got to look at so many new products that I hadn’t tried before and they look so great. I really liked the idea of the lip contouring and the kit looks so good, along with some of the gorgeous highlighting products. I really enjoyed this event and the Maybelline stand was so gorgeous too.

The Maybelline Stand

Molly telling us all a little about the products

Roxy and Leyla discussing their favourite Maybelline products

The gorgeous lip contour pallet

This was the last event and I can honestly say I was ready to go home I was wiped! We met back up with the other girlies and while some went home Sammi, Farheen and I went for food and then headed home ourselves.

I can honestly say this was such a good day, even despite the poor Makeup Plus event, and I had so much fun! I can’t wait for the next LFW!

Did you go to any LFW events? Let me know in the comments below what you got up to!

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Until next time

Emma Jayne


Monday, 20 February 2017

Emma Eats | Fume Dubai | Review

Welcome back all! Today's post is probably one of my favourite types – FOOD!! I love eating out and have put a little mission on to blog about more of the places I go to let you all know my thoughts and if you should also check it out!

So while I was in Dubai for Christmas Jack and I escaped family life and headed out to Peir 7 at the Dubai Marina to eat at Fume. We arrived for an early dinner at about 5.30 and were taken to a lovely table overlooking the Marina. Were were given plenty time to decide on our drinks and meals before the waiter came back. I picked the spiced Pina Colada type drink and Jack had an 'Ultimate Gin and Tonic.

Jack with his Ultimate Gin and Tonic

Me with my Pina Colada

The food didn’t take long to come, we started with what is described as ‘Sourdough Bread with Smoked Butter and Lava Salt’ - sounds fancy right? So we were little shocked when some standard toast arrived (I think we were expecting fresh rolls), however is was alright. 
Onto mains I chose a huge Angus Rump Burger and Jack had a Beef Cheek Rendang with Pitta Bread and both meals were lovely. Once we had finished however it look a long time for anyone to clear our plates and at times it felt as though there were no staff at all while others were not being observant and clearing our table. 

The Angus Rump Burger

However, once we had finally had the mains cleared we went in for dessert. The dessert choice was great, possibly the best part of the menu! I went for a Banoffee Parfait and Jack went for the Foot-Long (YES FOOT LONG!!) Nutella ├ęclair. Now these were easily the showstopper portion of the meal, both were beautify presented as well as tasting amazing and we finished them off in a matter of minutes.

It again took a little while once the desserts had been cleared for the bill come (we asked for it when the waiter took the plates) so that was a little disappointing as we were ready to head back home, however as Jack and I enjoy each others company it wasn’t the end of the world.
The Banoffee Parfait

The Foot Long Nutella Eclair

Now onto the price. Fume is reasonably priced for Dubai standards with a main meal costing between 55-85aed (~£12 -£20). The desserts were also reasonable (for Dubai) with each coming in at around 35 aed (£8). We were lucky enough to have a ‘The Entertainer’ voucher that took the price of one of the main meals off bringing the whole cost of the meal down (YEESSSS!!!) making it very palatable and pleasant.

Overall I think I was expecting a little more from Fume with it being in the prestigious Peir 7 complex, however it was very much a no fuss eatery with good wholesome food and a lovely location. I would recommend for a easy eat with family, but possibly not for that special event or occasion.

Let me know in the comments below if you have eaten at Fume and what your thoughts are? Also where are your favourite places to eat in London (we are back home now) – I am always looking for recommendations.

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Until next time

Emma Jayne

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