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Beauty Giveaway | April/May 2017 | Emma Jayne


Here we have it! My first giveaway on the blog….how exciting!! I wanted to do a little giveaway on one of my social media profiles every few months to say thanks to everyone for supporting me and my channels and I figured now was better than never!

So first up and the most exciting for you is what can you be in with the chance of winning?

Bourjois Bronzer/ Highlighter

NudebyNature Smoky Eyeshadow Trio

NudebyNature Eyeliner in Anthracite

Rimmel Scandaleyes Liquid Liner

Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara

I Heart Makeup Unicorn Unite Brushes

Makeup Obsession Pallet with

            Eyeshadow: E110 Scene
            Eyeshadow: E143 Mink
            Eyeshadow: E142 Ibiza
            Highlighter: H101 Peach
(the pallet holds 6 so you can add a couple of your favourite shades)

Now onto the important bit….the terms and conditions. It's important to make sure you follow these so that you are eligible for the chance to win.

1.   Be 18 or over or if under 18 you must have your parent or guardian’s permission – if you win you will need to give me your address and I don’t want any angry parents on my case!
2.    Follow this blog either by following via followings (on the left hand side of the page) or via bloglovin’ 
3.  Then let me know you have followed in the comments below by leaving me your email address and let me know which product you would most like to win – Make sure you do follow though as I can easily check!

And that’s it! How easy! This giveaway will be open until 6pm BST on the 21st May so make sure you enter quickly! I will then announce the winner in an update on this post on the 28th May – As well as announcing it on my Twitter (so make sure you follow me there to find out if you’ve won!)

Another good reason to follow this blog is because I post a new post every Monday 10am. Make sure you are also following my other social media so you are first to find out about my next giveaways (twitter, Instagram, Or if you fancy come and chat over on my (new) Facebook page as well as my YouTube channel). 

Until next time and Good Luck!

Emma Jayne




Monday, 17 April 2017

Rules Restaurant Review | Covent Garden | Emma Jayne

Rules Restaurant is the oldest restaurant in London having been opened in 1798. It is on Maiden lane (Covent Garden) and serves a range of traditional British cuisine and game. It has a strong claim to fame having a staring role in Downton abbey and James Bond Spectre! (How exciting!). I was lucky enough to be taken here for my 25th birthday meal and was so impressed I just had to write a little blog post review about our time there. 

We booked a table for 2 about 2 weeks before our visit on the 30th March and even then they were nearly fully booked so we had to have an early dinner at 5pm, this was perfect for us as we wanted an earlier meal so wasn’t an issue, but of you are hoping to eat a little later I would suggest booking even more in advance. 

When we arrived it was lovely, there was a very smart and kind doormen to let us in and then the host greeted us and took us to our table. We were sat in a corner by the window, a lovely table and I was immediately in awe by the d├ęcor. Now the rules interior won’t be to everyone’s tastes but as someone who is a fan of the National Trust and tradition I LOVED it! There were an array of impressive deer heads and antlers, multiple photos as well as huge silver trophies and a beautiful ornate mirror. Everything is a deep dark red with very traditional patterns. 

The Interior 

The Menu while we were at Rules

Once we were seated we both ordered a cocktail (special occasion and all), I had the Kate Middleton’s ‘Royal 29’ a very strong Gin and vodka based drink while Jack had a Black velvet served in a silver tankard – a nice extra touch! The waiting staff were all really nice, friendly and very professional and were on hand at any moment. We ordered fairly quickly and everything came out promptly and we didn’t feel that we had to wait particularly long for anything.

Kate Middleton's 'Royal 29'

To start, we had an oyster each which were great! – I have only ever had one before and this was a significant improvement! I then also had the Duck Rillette, a pate style starter while Jack had the Sea Trout Gravadlax special. Both were so flavoursome and very much enjoyed! 

Duck Rillette

Sea Trout Gravadlax

Now to mains, I wanted to have something a little different so went for the Rabbit leg while Jack stuck with the seafood theme and chose the seared Diver Scallops. Both were again delicious and I can honestly say there was so much flavour in the rabbit dish that I was so impressed by it – I would highly recommend this if you ever get the chance to go. With our mains we also decided to have some wine and went for the Volnay 1er Cru Robardelle, a very smooth fruity red. We really liked that there was the option to have certain wines by jug as a bottle can sometimes be a bit much!
Seared Diver Scallops

Rabbit Leg

Now onto the dessert we both had the Chocolate Tart with Vanilla Brulee Centre and this was honestly a showstopper! There was GOLD on it! GOLD!!!! Not only did it look amazing it was delicious too! While on the topic of dessert as we had already gone all out we thought hey let’s get some dessert wine, so we did! I had a glass of the Taylor’s Quinta de Vargellas and Jack had a glass of the Tokaji Aszu 6 Puttonyos Patricius and this has got to have been the only thing in the whole evening that I got a little bit of food envy for - after trying both wines I did prefer the one Jack had picked, it was slightly sweeter, lighter and tasted like melted honey, much more up my street than the darker one I had picked – but don’t get me wrong they were both delicious!! 

Chocolate Tart With Vanilla Brulee Centre

Now We have talked about the food I wanted to quickly chat a little about the atmosphere as it was really relaxing and calm, the other patrons were of a variety of business men and friends catching up over dinner, so we did not feel out of place. I did notice that we were some of the youngest in there, however this didn’t make any difference, it was just something that I did notice.

Once we had finished it was time to pay, and this is my only little warning about Rules, we knew the price range going into this meal so were not surprised that a 4 course meal with cocktails and wine (and the gratuity charge) came to £250. So this is an expensive place to eat, however we had a lovely time celebrating my 25th birthday and I could not recommend Rules highly enough for a special occasion or as a more luxurious place to eat. We would love to return to Rules in Grouse season as neither of us have ever tried Grouse. Rules have their Grouse season from August - December so I'm sure we will find an occasion to visit during this time as we really enjoyed our visit. 

You can book a table online on the Rules website or by calling +44 (0)20 7836 5314. 

Let me know your thoughts on Rules in the comments below. Have you ever eaten at Rules? What would you order? Also let me know your favourite restaurants in London, I am always looking for new places to try. 

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Until next time

Emma Jayne



Monday, 10 April 2017

Popbands London Hair Bands Review | Emma Jayne

Up until now I have always been a simple, standard black hair-tie on my wrist kind of girl, but that was until I got some of these Popband London hair ties, and here are my thoughts and a little review on them. I recently went to the Makeup Revolution 3rd birthday party (I wrote a blog post on the event) and in the goodie bag were these Popband London hair ties and I was instantly drawn to them. I had never tried anything other than the standard hair ties so I was pretty excited! 

The idea behind these is that the bands don’t dent or rip your hair, they look good on wrists and put a pop of colour into the hair. 

The ones I have are the 'Fruit Burst' and they are super fun with a range of neon colours – my favourite is the neon pink, and some even have glitter! I have loved using these and discarding my boring black ties as every time I use them I just feel so good about myself, the colour makes me confident and I have really noticed a reduction in the number of breakages and the amount of hair that comes out after having my hair up. I also feel less tatty having a hair tie on my wrist as they actually look great now! 

These are so great and I would really recommend! On the Popband London website there are so many different options So make sure you have a look and see which you like – they even have a unicorn option!!! They retail for £3.50 for 3 basic bands and then up to £8 for 5 premium bands. I would recommend them as a fun alternative and as replacements for your old bands! You can get them on the Popband London website or from Superdrug

Let me know in the comments if you have used any of these and which is your favourite style? 

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Until next time

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Monday, 3 April 2017

Anna Sui Star Lipstick Review | Emma Jayne

OMG….. A Star Shaped Lipstick! I Know! It’s Beautiful! I was given this by Jack on Valentines day (isn't he a good one!) and have been wanting to post this for ages. I had never heard of the brand before, but am really excited to learn more about the products as everything on the website looks amazing! 

Firstly the packaging is so beautiful, it feels ornate, as well as looks beautiful on a vanity, but, isn’t heavy or cheap feeling. Now onto the product itself. I have colour 02 Rose Cocoa and this is a lovely light plum colour, its not opaque, but is a sheer wash of colour all over the lips. I like how its not an ‘in your face’ colour and is subtle and suitable for everyday. Applying it on the lips it is soft, moisturising and as it is a light colour it doesn’t have to be too precise - as because it is star shaped it is a little tricky to be super precise and as i'm pretty sure the shape does go the whole way down the bullet I have a feeling this isn’t going to improve (but it will stay in a star the whole time!)

Lip colour in natural light
Lip colour on me

Overall I really like this lipstick as it has a gorgeous look and feel about it as well as being a colour that is wearable everyday. It makes a really great gift as it is that little bit different and the colour range on the website looks really great. It retails on ASOS for £23 so is a little pricier than some, but for a more premium brand and a very different product I would say it is worth it, particularly as a gift. 

Have you tried any Anna Sui cosmetics? Let me know your thoughts on them as well as this lipstick. 

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Until next time

Emma Jayne


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